About Larry

Larry Peers works with clergy and religious organizations across many traditions incorporating perspectives and practices that have been honed over the years.

Larry draws from a rich array of insights and methods developed from his extensive background in organizational development, large-group interventions,  and leadership coaching.

He is a former senior consultant, leadership coach and seminar leader with The Alban Institute. In addition to his coaching and consulting, Larry has focused on creating networks of learning and support for clergy through the Pastoral Excellence Network.

Larry is energized by applying what he learns and helping others to do the same. He holds a doctoral degree in organizational change from Pepperdine University and one in congregational studies from Hartford Seminary, where he has also served as adjunct faculty. He earned master’s degrees at Boston University (theology) and Antioch University (developmental clinical psychology) and a B.A. at Eckerd College. In addition, he has specialized training in whole systems planning processes of Future Search and Appreciative Inquiry.  Larry takes an integral approach to training and coaching drawing from his training in spiritual psychology, narrative therapy and his certification as an ontological and Strozzi somatic leadership coach.


“Perhaps Larry’s greatest gift to our organization was the insight that enabled him to be more than just the arbitrator of a dispute. Instead, Larry discerned the longstanding underlying issues and focused our attention on them. Not only did this get us working on the real problems, but it also defused much of potential win-lose dynamic. Moreover, Larry’s strong grasp of the principles of organizational behavior and his own experience…enabled him to put our issues in a solution-oriented conceptual framework that we found very helpful.” —Executive Director

“Larry Peers is an exceptional consultant. While laser focused on the work that needs to be done, Larry’s humor, non-anxious manner, and quiet confidence make even the most difficult of dilemmas feel more like an interesting puzzle waiting to be solved. On the several occasions when Larry has worked with our leadership, it has been obvious that they like him and are comfortable with his style, but more importantly, they listen to him and they trust him.” —Phyllis O’Connell

“Larry is very capable and a great facilitator.  He is respectful of both clergy and laity and strives for an effective process and product in his work with congregations. We will present our report to the congregation [soon].   It is a product that can guide our work for the next two to five years.  It is a product that is composed of conversations in which our entire congregation participated.  It has wide support and the process has already paid various dividends in the life of our church.” – Pastor, Baptist Church, Texas

“I have been a congregational rabbi for 18 years.  Larry Peers in particular has a wealth of knowledge and experience with congregations of all kinds…I trusted his advice completely and have often shared it with my congregation who in turn were very appreciative.” — A rabbi clergy coaching client