My coaching responds to the aspirations and challenges that leaders and others  find at different junctures in their life and work. Oftentimes, a person seeks coaching from me in order to:

  • work on particular goals in their leadership approach or style
  • navigate current challenges in their work or life
  • prepare for a career transition: new to a position, considering a new job or career, mid-career slump, preparing for retirement
  • intentionally focus on their professional,  personal or spiritual well-being
  • have an opportunity to develop new perspectives, strategies, and results in their leadership and lives

A guiding perspective for my approach to coaching is expressed by Marcel Proust who said that “The real voyage of discovery, consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”  In coaching we focus on shifting one’s perspectives, leading to new actions and leadership practices and qualitatively different results.

If after an initial exploratory conversation with a potential coaching client (at no cost), we decide to proceed, we develop a coaching program that articulates the goals for the coaching and the agreements about how we will proceed.  I see clients in my office or mostly we “meet” on the phone or through Skype.

I have extensive training in coaching and have a credential as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation. I am also a certified ontological coach and certified somatic coach and have received my training in coaching from The Newfield Network and The Strozzi Institute.

If you would like an opportunity for an exploratory session, please contact me at lxpeers_at_gmail_dot_com

I also have a commitment to clergy well-being coaching. Read more at :

Coaching Client Testimonials

Larry’s coaching has never been just about management: it has been about helping me to summon my spiritual resources and to ground my authority.” — an Episcopal Priest

“Through coaching, Larry Peers guided my thoughts and understanding from confusion to clarity. At the end, it was not his point of view that I could see clearly, but my own.” — A coaching client

“At first I was unsure about coaching over the phone as I had little experience with it.   I found that Larry was able to listen carefully in a way that accurately identified not just what I was saying but the feelings I was portraying as I spoke.     Thanks for helping me find the things inside of me that yearned for this position. The outcome for me, couldn’t have been better, and for that I am grateful.”  —A coaching client

In large measure, Larry Peers saved my ministry.  I was working from emotion in my interactions with parishioners and it was creating difficulty for me.  Larry’s coaching taught me to recognize that in the moment and he gave me strategies to turn those moments into constructive pastoral encounters.  I am a better pastor today because I had coaching from Larry.  – A clergy coaching client