“Larry Peers is an exceptional  consultant. While laser focused on the work that needs to be done, Larry’s humor, non-anxious manner, and quiet confidence make even the most difficult of dilemmas feel more like an interesting puzzle waiting to be solved. On the several occasions when Larry has worked with our  leadership, it has been obvious that they like him and are comfortable with his style, but more importantly, they listen to him and they trust him.” —Rev. Phyllis O’Connell

Whole Systems Planning and Visioning
To help organizations create a common vision and discern the strategic directions that will help them achieve it, I often use a large-group intervention, which is similar to a Future Search Conference or an Appreciative Inquiry Summit. This approach brings together stakeholders from across the organization — young and old, new and established – to participate in a process of gathering information about the organization and the wider community, interpreting discoveries, and drawing conclusions. Integral to this approach is building the capacity of an organization’s staff, board and membership to listen, learn, analyze, and decide together.

Transforming Conflict, Cultivating Resiliency
Transforming conflict is all about helping people have conversations they haven’t had before, so they can get to places of new agreement and move forward. By conducting interviews and creating forums for what I call “essential conversations,” I help organizations and their leaders move from reactivity, to responsiveness, and on to reconciliation.  Over time, they cultivate resilience to face future challenges in qualitatively different ways.

Multiple Staff and Board Development

My work with multiple staffs and with boards is tailored to the specific developmental and situational needs of the staff team or board leadership. In local, regional and national organizations, I help build effective working relationships and address concerns that inhibit leadership and organizational potential.

Retreat and Seminar Leader

Larry leads popular retreats and seminars for clergy and other leaders focusing on clergy well-being, preparing for retirement, spiritually grounded and adaptive leadership and “aligning strategy and Spirit.” See some of the current offerings here.

Here is a short video in which I describe some of my approach of working with congregations. Watch Video